Monday, 27 July 2009

That baby drives me crazy!!!

This kitten that I have adopted is driving me CRAZY!!! But I guess it's too late to give her back now... And yes, you're all right - I love her what ever! Like mad! But grab this:
I'm a doxi and not much of a climber, right. Not many dogs are, actually. Climbers, I mean. But cats are. And kittens are superb and extra ordinary good climbers. I think their claws itch like teeth do, when they grow out! The HAVE to climb. If they don't they break in two and go all yacky inside - that's what my kitty baby tells me anyway. And I think she's right. They HAVE to climb. And whatever there is - Findus just has to check if ot's climbable!!! Loadsa things are. Like furniture, kitchen drawers and stove, shelves, legs (human, with or withour trowsers...), our human's back - and curtains! Particularly curtains!!!
So last night our human was getting ready for work - she had the night shift - and she was in the bathroom, doing what ever it is that humans do in the bathroom. I was resting, preparing myself for a night alone with kitten-mitten-Findus. (I knew it was gonna get tough, so I had to rest properly beforehand.) I lost track of her, just for a short - I promise, a VERY short moment - and gone she was. Nowhere to be found. She's sooooooooooo fast - especially when it's about disappearing or doing other things she's not allowed to!
All of a sudden we, my human and I, heard her - at the same time. One thing was obvious: she couldn't get away from where ever it was she was stranded!!! I lokked around, but couldn't find her. My human came running with the tooth brush sticking out her mouth. She looked too. She didn't at first find no kitten at all and that's why I'm excused for not seing her - doxis are known for their "over-short" legs! Have a look at the picture and you'll understand why I didn't see her - and why she probably was pretty frightened! (She told me later on, that it was real scary up there...)

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