Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Hard being a mum

It's hard being a mum! Aspecially if the daughter is a red kitten with no manners what so ever. You would think she came here with somehow knowint a bit about behaving, but no, no, no! Her cat mother is a tramp. I don't like her - she don't like me either for that matter... So I have loads of work ahead of me!
Tonight Bambi came back. She was gone for three days or so and our human really and honestly missed her!!! Have no idea why, but she really, really did. And she was really, really glad to se her again. Well, I can tell you that she was about the onöy one glad to see her again... I happen to know that Bambi is our humans favourite... What do you say to that? Than again, I don't really think Findus understands that at all. Good for her. Bambi would probably eat her alive if she could... I'll have to talk to her about how to behave in front of an Alfa...
And out human gave Bambi loads of like herring and chicken and fat milk and all kinds a goodies and we just got the scrap left overs - and Findus took all that was left... So I got like a pinch of herrings and one lick of milk. Never mind, I know why my human loves Bambi like she does. Bambi lived for years and years all by herself, belonging to no one, being fed by no one and having her babies in barns and under the bare sky. So when Bambi told my human that she would like to move in, my human just fell heads over heal for her. And that was long before I was even born. So there is nothing much I could ever have done about that.
Anyway. I think Bambi will disappear again tomorrow or the day after. She does that in the summer. Leaves for some days and comes back just to eat and drink and sleep in our human's bed for a night or two. That's ok. Bambi is ok. Sort of...Leaving and being a free cat is probably something she has left from before she moved in with my human, something she really has to do...
My human has baked buns all evening. And we don't get to taste even a teeny tiny little bit. Bambi probably does...


  1. Hi Nellie, Wow! You actually like cats? I don't but then again, I was attacked by one when I was a little bitty thing. Sorry it took me a few days to get over and say hello. I am relatively new to blogging, just started in April so I know it is hard at first. You should go to Dogs With Blogs (link on my blog) and look around if you haven't already. I have added you to my "More Weiner Dog Blogs" blogroll. I'm excited to meet you and can't wait to hear more about your adventures as the cat mum.
    Love and hugs,

  2. Hi Twix! Oh, I love cats!!! I had two kittens before - Bambi's last two. Now she don't get no more kitties, too old. I love everything that is small, have fur and four legs!!! I just "have to" take care of them, I don't know why...
    I already know your blog. Your blog was the reason I got mine!!! So thanx, Twix!
    Love and Hugs back,