Sunday, 26 July 2009

Have to tell you about my kitten baby's eating habits. They are not good. Not at all. She just don't get it that our human always and every day feeds ALL OF US and that we never have to go hungry to bed. Ok, me, I would call for more steak and I know that the cats wouldn't mind a fat fish for breakfast, but apart from that, we are well fed (Bambi, the Alfa cat, is a bit fat, really. Although human call her "well built". Don't know about "well built" really...) Kitty baby Findus don't get that. Every time she gets her breakfast, she eats like it was the very last meal on earth - really slightly obscene to watch... Have a look at the video...


  1. Hey! Tha is mee eatin!!! Tha was today's breckie. Chicken! Big kitties always try to steal food from me. Bambi says she is Alfa - I don understand that so I just eat really fast!

  2. That is what I was gonna say was your baby kitty probably thinks someone is gonna steal her dinner. Poor thing having to eat in fear. You sure are a good Momma, Nellie.
    Love and hugs,