Saturday, 25 July 2009

My human

I'll tell you a bit about my human. She's good, but sometimes she gets sooooooo mad at me. That's when I go off in the woods and don't stop or come back when she calls me. She gets sooooooo mad you won't believe it. I tell her that it's not that I don't hear, but that we doxies listens to important things, not everything. And boy that REALLY makes her mad!!! I used to have a brother, and he was a border collie. Wow, he was good. He didn't have to listen - he didn't even have to learn - he just KNEW when or what our human wanted - and did it! And now she STILL compares me with him!!! I told her over and over again, that his NOSE was about as bad as my ears, but did she care? No, no, no! And she still doesn't.
So today, when she came home from work, we went for a walk. No leash. And so I smelled something up the hill from where we were, and I just HAD to drive! Did she understand? No, no, no! She ran after me - and caught me... I lost again... Don't tell anone! But you know, I'm really a small doxi, just a dwarf. And she caught up with me when I found the trace and my ears were sorta closed down... So I really didn't hear her. She was sooooooo mad...
When I got inside I started discipline my kitten instead. Like my human discipline. Then again - it's just not possible to discipline a cat. They do exactly what they want to. And when I tried to teach her things, she just hung on to my ears and stuff... Very fruitful... NOT!!!
I love my human and I love my kitten baby, but some days they are just too much both of them...

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