Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Nellit the cat mum

So I am Nellie, the cat mum. Being a cat mum is probably quite all right, if there wasn't for one little problem - I am not a cat, my baby is. I am a dachshund!
So how did this happen. Well, my - or should I say OUR - human went to the neighbour's one day and, whoops, came back with a red little kitten. Eight weeks old she was and scared stiff of everything. My friends, Tuss and Bambi - also cats but older, much older and whiser - left. They were dead angry with our human to drag such a thing in the house. "She throws out our mice that we catch for her, but brings in a kitten - A KITTEN!!! - that cannot even eat by herself. Or at least not eat with table manners! Let's leave!" So they wandered off. Comes back every now and then to eat and hate the kitten a bit, then they're off again.
So. Kitten is called Findus. SHe adopted me. Thought I was a fine substitute mother since I'm red like her. And I'm ashamed to say, but I fell in love with her!!! And adopted her right back!!! So now I am a cat mum. And a proud one. My human says I'm good at taking care of her and she praises me for a job well done.
At night Findus sleeps in the bath room. That is to prevent a war in the apartment during night when the two other cats are awake. Findus sleeps coz she's more like a dog in that way - sleeps at night, plays during the day. She climbs all the way up to the top of the cloth rack - I have no idea how she gets there, but I think my human does...
When we're not playing - oh my God, kittens can play for hours and hours!!! We doxies don't. Five minutes and than we're ok. But being a cat's mum I have to play A LOT!!! So when we don't play we rest. Doxies are real good at resting! Kittens not... So I have to lock her in tight by my side. And one day when I did that she realised I have tits, just like her real mother. So I had to start producing milk...
The things you do for and go through for the ones you love!!! And I love my kitten!!!

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