Saturday, 1 August 2009

Finally touching the water

Today, finally, my baby the kitty, dared touching the water. I can understand her, not liking water coz myself I hate it! And she's like me. But Tuss, one of the other cats, she loves all that wet stuff and can sit ever so long by the tap drinking straight from it! And she goes out, -all on her own decision!!! - when it rains!!! Crazy cat!
Anyway, my little baby, Findus, has been dying to touch that wet stuff now for weeks. She's been lurching around the taps in the bathroom and all and no matter what I've told her; She wants to feel it! And so, finally, today she did. It took a loooooong time and she just touched very, very quickly - but she touched!
I don't know, if I'm proud for her courage or sad that she didn't trust me more... Never mind, she's a cat after all, and, trust me, cats do what ever they want to. No matter what!
Have a look at this film. How she, Findus, looks all amazed at Tuss, as she just sits down on the tub and drinks straight from the tap! And how she wishes to have the courage - and finally finds it! But finding out what water is really like was not all thet fun! Have a look!

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  1. Nellie, what a great video! I hate water too so I don't really understand the fascination but Findus was quite brave. Tuss, however, looked very thirsty!
    Love and hugs,