Tuesday, 18 August 2009

No blogging for a while...

Oh my, oh my! My human is totally distressed! Her PC broke down and now she has to send it to be rapaired. It happened end last week, so she hasn't been able to write anything on my blogg (bad for me!) or on my baby, Findus', twitter. She promised to go to the library today after work (she worked last night and got off at ten) to at least write on my blogg, that she can't write on my blogg...
If I was a human I'd have more than one pc, so that I'd never have a problem writing on my blogg!!! Well, I guess buying all that cat food for my baby and her "sisters" (Bambi and Tuss) costs a fortune! That's the problem with cats - they cost! Not only money, but lotsa strength and will-power!
My human cut her hair! Good thing I don't really recognize her on her hair style or hair colour, but on her smell... last week she had long hair that she could put up in a pony.tail. Now she has almost no hair at all. But it's good. In fact she looks real hot, if I may say so.
And all this you can only read if she did what she promised - go to the library pc...
Hope to talk to yous all soon!


  1. Don't worry, Nellie luv! Of course I went to the library computer for you!!!

  2. Hi Nellie! A broken pc isn't fun, but we will still be here when it is fixed.

  3. I'm sorry your mom is having computer problems. That is no fun at all. My mom has been thinking about cutting her hair too. I'm sure your mom looks very beautiful with her new do!