Tuesday, 4 August 2009


Cats are different. Different from dogs, from humans - from everything! Like at nite, when me and our human wanna go to sleep, then "she" wakes up! "She" is Findus. At nite, when we all wanna go to sleep, she wakes up and wants to play!
And what kinda mum would I be if I denied her to have fun?! Meaning: I play along! You have to understand though, that I only do this coz my baby kitten wants me to! Would NEVER start playing when my human wants to go to sleep atherwise... Well, at least most of the time I wouldn't...
But having a baby obligates me to loads I didn't know about. Like playing late at nite och eating cat food - I have to make sure she isn't poisoned (NO! I don't think my human would poison us, but you never know about stores... or food producers... And anyway! Better glad than sad - or what ever it is the humans say...) (Ohooo! Cat food is gooood!!!) Lotsa other things I have to do. Like walking in the rain so that baby tiger understands water doesn't kill... Or maybe I have to walk out there in the rain coz I must wee...
So, I have to do lotsa things with the baby. Lotsa things I wouldn't have to do without her. But lotsa things I have to do I love! Like playing with her. And frankly, I don't care a sh--- whattimeof the day it is - I LOVE IT!!! Look at the video!


  1. Hi1! Boy you really take good care of your kitten and you can tell from your video, that you love her very much.

  2. Hi Nellie
    Your are a very good kitty mom. We have cats at home, but they don't like to play with us.
    Love Ruby & Penny