Monday, 27 July 2009

That baby drives me crazy!!!

This kitten that I have adopted is driving me CRAZY!!! But I guess it's too late to give her back now... And yes, you're all right - I love her what ever! Like mad! But grab this:
I'm a doxi and not much of a climber, right. Not many dogs are, actually. Climbers, I mean. But cats are. And kittens are superb and extra ordinary good climbers. I think their claws itch like teeth do, when they grow out! The HAVE to climb. If they don't they break in two and go all yacky inside - that's what my kitty baby tells me anyway. And I think she's right. They HAVE to climb. And whatever there is - Findus just has to check if ot's climbable!!! Loadsa things are. Like furniture, kitchen drawers and stove, shelves, legs (human, with or withour trowsers...), our human's back - and curtains! Particularly curtains!!!
So last night our human was getting ready for work - she had the night shift - and she was in the bathroom, doing what ever it is that humans do in the bathroom. I was resting, preparing myself for a night alone with kitten-mitten-Findus. (I knew it was gonna get tough, so I had to rest properly beforehand.) I lost track of her, just for a short - I promise, a VERY short moment - and gone she was. Nowhere to be found. She's sooooooooooo fast - especially when it's about disappearing or doing other things she's not allowed to!
All of a sudden we, my human and I, heard her - at the same time. One thing was obvious: she couldn't get away from where ever it was she was stranded!!! I lokked around, but couldn't find her. My human came running with the tooth brush sticking out her mouth. She looked too. She didn't at first find no kitten at all and that's why I'm excused for not seing her - doxis are known for their "over-short" legs! Have a look at the picture and you'll understand why I didn't see her - and why she probably was pretty frightened! (She told me later on, that it was real scary up there...)

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Have to tell you about my kitten baby's eating habits. They are not good. Not at all. She just don't get it that our human always and every day feeds ALL OF US and that we never have to go hungry to bed. Ok, me, I would call for more steak and I know that the cats wouldn't mind a fat fish for breakfast, but apart from that, we are well fed (Bambi, the Alfa cat, is a bit fat, really. Although human call her "well built". Don't know about "well built" really...) Kitty baby Findus don't get that. Every time she gets her breakfast, she eats like it was the very last meal on earth - really slightly obscene to watch... Have a look at the video...

Saturday, 25 July 2009

My human

I'll tell you a bit about my human. She's good, but sometimes she gets sooooooo mad at me. That's when I go off in the woods and don't stop or come back when she calls me. She gets sooooooo mad you won't believe it. I tell her that it's not that I don't hear, but that we doxies listens to important things, not everything. And boy that REALLY makes her mad!!! I used to have a brother, and he was a border collie. Wow, he was good. He didn't have to listen - he didn't even have to learn - he just KNEW when or what our human wanted - and did it! And now she STILL compares me with him!!! I told her over and over again, that his NOSE was about as bad as my ears, but did she care? No, no, no! And she still doesn't.
So today, when she came home from work, we went for a walk. No leash. And so I smelled something up the hill from where we were, and I just HAD to drive! Did she understand? No, no, no! She ran after me - and caught me... I lost again... Don't tell anone! But you know, I'm really a small doxi, just a dwarf. And she caught up with me when I found the trace and my ears were sorta closed down... So I really didn't hear her. She was sooooooo mad...
When I got inside I started discipline my kitten instead. Like my human discipline. Then again - it's just not possible to discipline a cat. They do exactly what they want to. And when I tried to teach her things, she just hung on to my ears and stuff... Very fruitful... NOT!!!
I love my human and I love my kitten baby, but some days they are just too much both of them...

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Hard being a mum

It's hard being a mum! Aspecially if the daughter is a red kitten with no manners what so ever. You would think she came here with somehow knowint a bit about behaving, but no, no, no! Her cat mother is a tramp. I don't like her - she don't like me either for that matter... So I have loads of work ahead of me!
Tonight Bambi came back. She was gone for three days or so and our human really and honestly missed her!!! Have no idea why, but she really, really did. And she was really, really glad to se her again. Well, I can tell you that she was about the onöy one glad to see her again... I happen to know that Bambi is our humans favourite... What do you say to that? Than again, I don't really think Findus understands that at all. Good for her. Bambi would probably eat her alive if she could... I'll have to talk to her about how to behave in front of an Alfa...
And out human gave Bambi loads of like herring and chicken and fat milk and all kinds a goodies and we just got the scrap left overs - and Findus took all that was left... So I got like a pinch of herrings and one lick of milk. Never mind, I know why my human loves Bambi like she does. Bambi lived for years and years all by herself, belonging to no one, being fed by no one and having her babies in barns and under the bare sky. So when Bambi told my human that she would like to move in, my human just fell heads over heal for her. And that was long before I was even born. So there is nothing much I could ever have done about that.
Anyway. I think Bambi will disappear again tomorrow or the day after. She does that in the summer. Leaves for some days and comes back just to eat and drink and sleep in our human's bed for a night or two. That's ok. Bambi is ok. Sort of...Leaving and being a free cat is probably something she has left from before she moved in with my human, something she really has to do...
My human has baked buns all evening. And we don't get to taste even a teeny tiny little bit. Bambi probably does...

Nellit the cat mum

So I am Nellie, the cat mum. Being a cat mum is probably quite all right, if there wasn't for one little problem - I am not a cat, my baby is. I am a dachshund!
So how did this happen. Well, my - or should I say OUR - human went to the neighbour's one day and, whoops, came back with a red little kitten. Eight weeks old she was and scared stiff of everything. My friends, Tuss and Bambi - also cats but older, much older and whiser - left. They were dead angry with our human to drag such a thing in the house. "She throws out our mice that we catch for her, but brings in a kitten - A KITTEN!!! - that cannot even eat by herself. Or at least not eat with table manners! Let's leave!" So they wandered off. Comes back every now and then to eat and hate the kitten a bit, then they're off again.
So. Kitten is called Findus. SHe adopted me. Thought I was a fine substitute mother since I'm red like her. And I'm ashamed to say, but I fell in love with her!!! And adopted her right back!!! So now I am a cat mum. And a proud one. My human says I'm good at taking care of her and she praises me for a job well done.
At night Findus sleeps in the bath room. That is to prevent a war in the apartment during night when the two other cats are awake. Findus sleeps coz she's more like a dog in that way - sleeps at night, plays during the day. She climbs all the way up to the top of the cloth rack - I have no idea how she gets there, but I think my human does...
When we're not playing - oh my God, kittens can play for hours and hours!!! We doxies don't. Five minutes and than we're ok. But being a cat's mum I have to play A LOT!!! So when we don't play we rest. Doxies are real good at resting! Kittens not... So I have to lock her in tight by my side. And one day when I did that she realised I have tits, just like her real mother. So I had to start producing milk...
The things you do for and go through for the ones you love!!! And I love my kitten!!!